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WildEarth’s safariLIVE is an award winning, expert hosted LIVE safari, broadcast directly from the African wilderness into your home.

Join your very own expert-hosted LIVE safari in the heart of the African wilderness.

Experience one of the most beautiful places on earth and interact with safari experts in real time.

Keep an eye out for elephants, leopards, lions, cheetah, hippo and much more.

Available on both the internet and television, this show enables you to interact with an expert game ranger in real time.  Safari vehicles, guides on foot, drones, balloons, rovers and remote cams are all searching for their favourite characters.  Completely unscripted and unpredictable – this show is reality TV as it is supposed to be. Authentic and REAL. (Subtitles are auto-generated on YouTube).

Daily Safaris at sunrise and sunset:

5am - 8am and 2.30pm - 5.30pm

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