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This is a FREE resource created by MHELO. 

MHELO is an independent network of people in Gloucestershire who have had or are experiencing mental ill health or for those interested in mental health and mental health support within the county. It is a project within Inclusion Gloucestershire. 

We know the benefits of self care, and the list is huge! 

We have created a self-care toolkit to empower more people to take chare of the mental health and keep well. 

This self-care toolkit was made with members of MHELO and the wider community to share what has worked for them and empower the people of Gloucestershire.

It has been designed to aid you in creating your own personal plan for your self-care journey. 

Our toolkit is full of tried and tested self-care exercises. It has been designed by people who use self-care in their everyday lives, and without which they wouldn't be able to manage their mental health.

Please click on the link above to find it on our website. You can print it off and fill it in as and when you need (an online editable version will soon be available).