Springfield's Court meet


Springfield's Court Independent Living Community Hub
GL11 6PG

Accessibility features


Arts and Crafts - Wellbeing

We help support people living with invisible illness and/or disability, including loneliness. 

At the moment,  we start at 12.45pm for our mindfulness session, delivered by a qualified instructor.  

From 2pm-3pm we have a craft hour (or just come for a chat if you prefer!) 

£2 covers the cost of any materials we use and includes a hot drink and biscuits. 

Springfields Court Independent living community hub is a modern, clean, accessible,  cosy venue. Plenty of parking. 

If you would like to learn more or need support getting in through the door (we know how scary it can feel) please do get in touch and I will gladly support in any way I can. 

We are an upbeat, warm and welcoming bunch. We share lots of laughter as well as sharing the trials and tribulations of living with hidden illness, hidden disability and loneliness.