Grants for individuals and families

You can often apply for grants to help cover the cost of support or equipment to take part in local activities.  Local grant providers are listed below. 

Gloucestershire Disability Fund

Wellbeing grants of up to £1,000 are provided to disabled people of any age to pay for an item, some help or a service. 

Financial support is also available for disabled people over 18 from the Your Future Fund, which can help with education, work-related training, pursuing goals in arts or sports, or personal development through doing a special project. 


Mayfield Home Trust Limited 

Grants are provided for people with learning difficulties, or for families who have a member with learning difficulties.  Funding is awarded for items that will improve the individual’s quality of life or support their personal development or hobbies and interests. 


Want to find out about other grants you can apply for? 

Disability Grants

An online directory of grant providers across the UK that disabled adults and families with disabled children can access.