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Interdepen-Dance for adults with disabilities

Cirencester Dance club are so proud of our Interdepen-Dance or I-Dance as we lovingly call it.  We offer dance…
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Cirencester / Children's Activities - Performing Arts - Sports and Leisure - Wellbeing

Dance classes for Children with disabilities

Rising Stars is an inclusive dance group for children aged 10+. Come and learn movement, make friends and grow…
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barnwood trust

I have been helped by barnwood trust for many a year through my highs and low of depression and anxiety…
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Megan – You’re ...

2 years ago

Hi Roz. It's great to hear from you. Barnwood Trust are fab and we hope that you will enjoy the new website.

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Lovely Cirencester

Cirencester is lovely full of history, parks and lovely market I love living here would love to share with others Great…
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Nicole - You're...

2 years ago

I agree Cirencester is a beautiful town with lots to see and do. While we have to stay at home it has been lovely to see photographs taken around different towns while they're quiet. Ian Lloyd Graham is a photographer who shares lots of photos of Cirencester on Facebook and also on his Flickr page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/149388693@N08/


2 years ago

I totally agree, loving the photos, I am still working I walk to work and as it is more quieter I love hearing the different birds, stay safe x

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