Need some ideas

I am a special guardian Grandmother together with my husband of 2boys. 13yrs old and nearly 9. Youngest at special school. My husband has pancreatic cancer and it's been a difficult year. We need to get some exercise and enjoy ourselves more. So any help with accessing things to do and some support would be great. 

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Alex Maisey

replied 2 years ago

I expect there are people with many more worries at this time.

Megan – You’re ...

replied 2 years ago

Hi Alex. It's great to have you onboard and thanks for starting this post. There are many people who are in a similar position as you in terms of looking for new ways to get out and have fun with the family. Have a look at our Events and Things to Do pages and see if anything takes your fancy. There's an online quiz tomorrow afternoon, a creative writing workshop on Wednesday evening and some laughter yoga coming up.