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May the Fourth Be With you! Monday is Star Wars day!!

Who loves Star Wars then?  I've been a fan my whole life (and I'm the same age as Star Wars having been born in 1977).

May the Fourth (May the Force be with you)- is such a fun idea. Usually it's a chance for some intergalactic cosplay and meeting up with fellow fans. Its going to be a little different in lockdown though so what will you be doing?  Original trilogy marathon, prequels or the whole saga?  And if so, what order are you watching them in?

Got kids who are Star Wars mad?  Why not try this workout video for their next PE session?

Or check out this fun Lego Star Wars Memory Game:

Would love to hear what you do to celebrate Star Wars Day?

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Jennie G

replied 2 years ago

Ooh maybe this is a good excuse for me to now get Disney plus and watch the final film again, which only came out about 3 weeks ago!

Hastie Family

replied 2 years ago

Definitely! There is so much good stuff on there now including loads of new Star Wars series about the Clone Wars and The Mandalorian. I can't keep up but my teenager daughter says they new series are all brilliant.

Jennie G

replied 2 years ago

Decided to watch the prequel series this weekend, and have just watched episode 1! A good way to spend a weekend afternoon! I won't have Disney for long so I'm hoping to do the whole saga in the next few weeks...