Do you want to play boccia?

Cotswold Crusaders Boccia Club is getting ready to return to play as we continue to come out of lockdown.  We usually play weekly at Leisure at Cheltenham from 5pm to 7pm on a Friday evening. We may not be able to get back to that just yet but will be hoping to offer some sessions soon and will be looking for new members to join us.

So if your have come out through the last few months thinking it is time to try something new then why not give boccia a go! It is a fun sport, easy to pick up the basics and get into a friendly rivalry with other players very quickly. It can also be played very strategically and get highly competitive and we can provide opportunities for coaching to play in local, regional and national competitions as well as fun social sessions. The competition pathways are designed for people with a range of disabilities but the game can be played by virtually anybody with a wide range of impairments or none at all. We are open to all ages, although younger children will currently need a parent or guardian present.

Follow our social media to see when we have any sessions available or contact Anna by phone or email to find out more info.