Thursday, 1 October 2020 - 1:00pm


Accessibility features

On this course, we will be inspired by the objects around us. Your ‘still life’ could be made from stones and shells collected on the beach, flowers and seed heads found in the garden, a favourite mug or even a pair of shoes! Six sessions will run on consecutive weeks, using objects familiar to everyone and that perhaps mean something to you.   The same object (or group of objects) will be used for each of the 6 sessions and we will explore different ways of representation using different media.   This course is suitable for everyone, beginners and more experienced welcome.

Artspace’s Adult Education funded ‘Distance Learning’ programme has been designed to enable safe home learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. Distance Learning programmes are 6 weeks long, and are delivered to groups of people in care homes, or, to individuals living in different households. Artspace send a package of materials directly to the home/care-home of the learner, which includes everything they will require in order to participate. The learner will participate in a weekly zoom workshop with a tutor/support worker and can receive support and feedback via zoom, telephone and/or email.
Cost: Courses are free for people with disabilities or with fewer than 5 GCSEs, or £30.

Places are limited, please contact to book your place.

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