Top of the leaflet: ACTIVE AGEING, Wednesdays at GL3 community hub, Churchdown

Wednesday, 27 July 2022 - 10:30am


GL3 Community Hub
Cheltenham Road East, Churchdown

Accessibility features

We have new sessions coming to Churchdown. We have two separate

sessions which cater to different needs or wants.

Inclusive Multisports Activity Club- 10:30-11:30

Active Ageing Club- 11:30-12:30

Its a great opportunity for people to do some low intensity sports/games, while also having that social aspect with the other participants.

Then enjoy a discounted hot drink in the Garden cafe after the session!

The first session will be free and then £2 a session following on.

Please Get in touch via

This photo is a leaflet for the sessions. All Inclusive Activity Club- Multisports aimed at day centre members and care home residents. Low intensity fun and social activities. Active For Life Club- Low intensity walking and Multisport activities for elderly and retired, helping to keep you fit.